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Scott Pruitt
  FOX Friends  FOX News  April 13, 2017 4:24am-4:29am PDT

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♪ ♪ ainsley: are certain e.p.a. employee he is working against president trump. government watchdogs judicial watch thinks. so. steve: now judicial watch is suing for transcripts sent or received by e.p.a. staffers who may have used encrypted message app. called signal as a way to avoid government oversight. here to react is the government of e.p.a. scott pruitt. good morning. ainsley: good morning. steve: what do you make of this story that while it's easier for the government to look at somebody's p.c., people have got that app. where everything is a secret. and if you are talking to somebody else at the e.p.a., you don't want you to find out about it, they are using that app. >> let me tell you, there has been change direction obviously at the e.p.a. i think that's what's
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prompting these kind of stories, the president has sent a clear message where the last 8 years we had to choose between jobs and the environment. those days are over. two weeks ago we were at the e.p.a. joined by 40 or so coal miners from pennsylvania. they were emotional about it because the war on coal ended. of the war on fossil fuels ended. false choice between jobs and growth and the environment we have rejected that i think what you see, steve, in response to your question is you see kind of a competitiveness, concern over the last 8 years. we try not to prejudge that give confidence to the folks there. give them a direction we are going and hopefully they will respond properly. steve: if they work for the president of the united states are they going to be on his team or figure a way okay he says we should do this but let's really do that? >> we are going to get it done. already got it done the first 51 days. roll back the clean power plant. we have already begun the bureau says. ainsley: 17,000: majority probably. the president says he is going
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to cut your budget 30%. i know yesterday it was all over the news that some of your employees were -- their gym manipulates wergym membershr by taxpayers. steve: how did they get away with that. >> previous administration granted that $400 a year or month. i can't recall of the amount. apes apes what else are you going to cut though? >> key with respect to your structure realize washington last become way too big and consequential in the lives of measures. farmers and ranchers, oil and gas, business owners across the country, dictated to by washington, d.c. we need to get back out in the states. trust our partners at the new state level of governors. they are resources and expertise. we can improve the environment and grow jobs. brian: very interesting. guess who is fighting your budget cut. you are saying it's okay.
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senator chuck schumer says i'm not going to allow that. i'm going to fight to give your money back to the e.p.a. we will see how that battle goes. donald trump wants to build this wall. have trouble getting funding from republicans. paul ryan wants to put that on hold. he also might have trouble with the environmentalists who think that building a wall might hurt the iguana. steve: jaguars. ainsley: that allegedly are on the border. >> the wall is going to be built. in these kind of situations you see challenges like this that are just frivolous. that's frivolous and the wall is going to be built. we will make sure we partner. we deal with a lot of things at the e.p.a. i can tell you we are not dealing with that. that's not something we are focused on at all. brian: you will not stand in their way? ainsley: we all do care about the environment. >> the key with respect to how we do business as a country going forward. we need to choose both jobs and the environment. we have done that we have grown the economy quite a bit as you know, 65% reduction in air pollution. you can do both. it was this past administration, obama said we
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had to choose. choose jobs or growth at the expense of environment or choose environment at the expense of jobs. we have a president now that says that's a false choice. we have better leadership now. brian: paris agreement. are we on the path of getting out of that. >> paris is something that we need to really look at closely because it is something we need to exit in my opinion. it's a bad deal for america. it was an american second or third or fourth kind of approach. china and india had no obligations under the agreement until 2030. we front loaded. steve: what's your biggest objection. >> that. america was put last. previous administration went into paris and said china and india had no obligations until 2030 and america was going to cost itself jobs as it relates to the obligations there. people say it's not enforceable? every meeting i have had with my counterparts from germany, canada and others the first question they ask me what are you going to do to comply with paris? what that means is contracting our economy to serve and really satisfy europe and china and india. they are polluting far more
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than we're. we a pre1994 levels with respect to our co 2. brian: you tell them listen, we're north going to do that. >> that's exactly right. steve: real quickly, today, you don't have to wear a helmet. >> no, i think i do actually. ainsley: i think i should. steve: have you been visiting and will be visiting more coal mines. >> we he will be in pennsylvania today. as i shared with you two weeks ago we had 40 or so pennsylvania coal miners at our shop. i will be at their job today. going underground with them and looking how they do work. we are blessed so much in our country with natural resources oil, gas, coal. why shouldn't we explore and develop those and protect our environment. we can do both. brian: can you do clean coal joe biden says there is no such thing. >> is he wrong. ainsley:he